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Urban Renewal

"Creating The Tomorrow"

High standard of living and quality of life
Newer and larger apartments with the highest performance. Including rich technical specifications along with high-speed lifts, a flat for each apartment, warehouses, private parking and more along with public areas intended for all residents.
Shlomo Initiation and Residence
Transforming old urban areas into modern, well-maintained and advanced residential areas. Building a brand new neighborhood, adding playgrounds and creating new and top-level public areas.
We are responsible for realizing the project and implement
- Shlomo Initiation and Housing

A group that is a family

The Solomon Group is one of the leading investment companies in Israel. The group was established in 1974 by the late Shlomo Schmeltzer, as a company engaged in providing services to the automotive sector in Israel. Over the years, the group's investments expanded to various industrial sectors such as: real estate development and development, energy, shipping, logistics, insurance, communications and more. Among the group's companies are also - Shlomo Holdings, Israel Shipyards, Shir Real Estate, BYD, Shlomo Insurance and the Afcon Holdings Group and Construction. Afcon - the Group's performance company and with the classification of contractors C) The highest classification is unlimited in scope and budget. (And has a contractor's approval for the government. Afcon A publicly traded company on the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange is engaged in a variety of projects in the areas of infrastructure, communications and logistics in the public, industrial and government sectors.

The Shlomo Group has a stable financial strength with a turnover of about NIS 7 billion a year.